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Go 4 Cash Flow

we are here to help Residential Real Estate Investors to maximize their profits from residential rental investments

My Team has many years of experians in Real Estate, Constraction and Managmant. We will work very hard to help you make the most from your rental property. We are "Phoenix Police Department Crime Free" certified.

We have good working relationships with a multitude of vendors servicing the Residential Real Estate Rental industry.
(Contractors, handymen, Insurance, Home warranty companies)
Feel free to use our vendors for all your repair/ maintenance needs.

Here a letter I got from one of our clients:

I would like to highly recommend The Go 4 Cash Flow team ( for all of your property-management needs. Their help was amazing, nothing lesser than that!
I am a home owner of a unit in Gilbert whose tenant stopped paying rent. All of my sincere attempts to find a resolution with the tenant were unsuccessful.
I turned to The Go 4 Cash Flow team who handled the eviction process of my tenant very professionally, with all the needed legal knowledge and advice, and in a very timely matter. The Go 4 Cash Flow team took care of the smallest details for me, like changing the unit's locks, etc. and all that for very reasonable fees.
The Go 4 Cash Flow team also charges for each service instead of collecting highly monthly management fees as most management companies in the business do.
I'm far from saying I was proud to evict my tenant - I was sad to do so; but when it, unfortunately, came down to it, The Go 4 Cash Flow team gave me the fastest legally-sound service possible for the lowest rates in the market!
When the eviction process was completed, The Go 4 Cash Flow team hooked me up with professional handymen and helped me return my unit to an excellent-rental shape in a timely matter. They accompanied their excellent communication skills with digital photos of the unit that helped me, as an out-of-state owner, to get the best sense possible of what's going on with my property.
Then the path to re-renting my unit, again with The Go 4 Cash Flow team help, was very short.
Overall The Go 4 Cash Flow team help me to save a lot of money, time and not less importantly - hassle, during harsh period of time of handling with a problematic tenant.
Eitan Sanger




Cirre Consulting, LLC
1801 W Shawnee Dr.
Chandler AZ 85224

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877 747 5524 F


Buy Foreclosures
Regardless if you are a new buyer or a seasoned investor, Foreclosures-4-Investors can help you succeed as a foreclosure property investor.

DHI Title
We shall consistently provide an unexpected level of care and service to the Client, compelling him/her to become a "Customer for Life". This can only be achieved in a work environment that attracts, retains, and develops honest, independent thinking and highly motivated Teammates into an accountable decision making team.

Service your A/C - $49.95
Electric companies are raising rates so let us help you save some money.  APS and SRP recommend you service your cooling and heating unit twice a year to conserve energy.  Let us save you some money!!

"Rent Ready" in 1 week
We are offering Tenant improvement & handy man service.Our philosophy is to help landlords to make the most from their investment properties. We offer full service Tenant improvement in order to help our landlords rent the properties as soon as possible. Making the most of their investment properties.*** Turn your property to "Rent Ready" in 1 week ***
(Our Paint, Our Carpet, General Cleaning)

Avoid The High Cost Of Home repairs
Whether you're selling, buying, or you currently own your home, HSA Home Warranty protection gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your home appliances and mechanical systems are covered should there be any unexpected breakdowns. You can't prevent breakdowns and system failures, but you can reduce the cost and aggravation with an HSA Home Warranty.

Real Estate Services
Real Estate Solutions
I offer full service real estate and some alternatives to the traditional real estate service - Fee for service method.
Im a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)


Tenants Screening