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There are certain reasons
for which a tenant cannot
be evicted legally.

A tenant cannot be evicted because:
• Of their race or color, national origin or ancestry, religion, sex, marital status, religion, having children, disability, source of income, marital status, and sexual orientation.
• They complain to health authorities or exercise their statutory rights, such as the right to “repair and deduct” remedy (by deducting the cost of habitability-related repairs from the rent) within the previous six months.
• They exercised rights given to tenants by the First Amendment such as organizing tenant groups.

Reasons Where A Landlord Must Evict:

A landlord is required by law to evict tenants who use their rental property to sell, use, store or make illegal drugs.



These notices are the legal way to communicate with your tenant.

From notice to enter to 5 day notice to pay rent or quite.

We will generate the notice and deliver it to your tenant.

The Price: $39.00 per notice paid in advance.
payments are NON refunable

5 Days Notice (Eviction Notice):

This action is to demand payment from your tenant. We will generate and legally deliver the notice to your tenants. We will need copy of your lease and exact accounting. Fell free to call me with any question you may have. After we serve the notice please refer your tenant to me with any question or request for payment arrangements.


Notice Of Material & Irreparable Breach (Immediate Termina tion):

This notice can be use in some extreme situations.
Please contact me to discuss the use of this action.


2 Days Notice To Enter:

From time to time landlord or landlord agent need to access the property. (inspection, maintenance, appraisal Etc.)


30 Days Renewal / Non Renewal Of Lease:

This notice let the tenants know that they must vacate the property within 30 days  or that they need to sign a new lease.


New Landlord Notice:

This notice is the way new landlord advise the tenant about new mailing address for the rent and repair requests.



Notice To Terminate Month To Month Rental:

This notice let the tenants know that they must vacate the property
within 30 days.



Partial Payment Agreement:

In order to save time and money going through an eviction process, we will try to negotiate a payment agreement on all past due balances. Then we will prepare the document and have your tenant sign it.

The Price: $91.00 paid in advance

Please forward us a copy of your lease and past due accounting.


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