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Go 4 Cash Flow

we are here to help Residential Real Estate Investors to maximize their profits from residential rental investments

Go 4 Cash Flow is offering an out of the box support and solution service to landlords owning property in the state of Arizona.

We work on a "Pay for Service" philosophy.

You can save the 8-10% management fees most of the management companies are charging landlords to basically receive your tenant's rent check and forward it to you. Any additional service usually triggers a pay per service fee (Maintenance men, construction companies or legal / collection teams).

Our Landlord's Support System provides the same service with no monthly fees. Your tenants mail your rent check directly to you.  Should you have any problem and need help, the following are examples of the kind of services we provide:

  • Tenant screening (Fico, Criminal, Eviction)
  • Will notify the tenants of any change to the lease
  • Gain access to the property for your repairman or inspections
  • Arrange partial payment agreement
  • Lease termination (Non payment or end of lease)
  • Deal with City Codes / Rules / HOA violations
  • End illegal activities on premises
  • Coordinate your maintenance people

At our website, , you can find information and lists of services. Adjacent to the service description, you can find the prices and needed documents.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


Services available in Arizona (Maricopa and Pinal counties only)

Cirre Consulting, LLC will not advertise your rental or look for a tenant for you.  We will work with any of your prospective tenants.

Because Cirre Consulting, LLC is not a management company, we can not collect monthly rent or take any money from your tenant!







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1801 W Shawnee Dr.
Chandler AZ 85224

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  Arizona Landlord Tenant Act.
§ 33-321. Maintenance of premises

A tenant shall exercise diligence to maintain the premises in as good condition as when he took possession, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

§ 33-322. Damage to premises; classification

Removal or intentional and material alteration or damage of any part of a building, the furnishings thereof, or any permanent fixture, by or at the instance of the tenant, without written permission of the landlord or his agent, is a class 2 misdemeanor.

§ 33-323. Liability of person in possession of land for rent due thereon

Every person in possession of land out of which rent is due is liable for the amount or proportion of rent due from the lands in his possession, although it is only a part of the land originally demised, without depriving the landlord of other legal remedies for recovery of rent.

§ 33-341. Termination of tenancies

A. A tenancy from year to year terminates at the end of each year unless written permission is given to remain for a longer period. The permission shall specify the time the tenant may remain, and upon termination of such time the tenancy expires.

B. A lease from month to month may be terminated by the landlord giving at least ten days notice thereof. In case of nonpayment of rent notice is not required.

C. A tenant from month to month shall give ten days notice, and a tenant on a semimonthly basis shall give five days notice, of his intention to terminate possession of the premises. Failure to give the notice renders the tenant liable for the rent for the ensuing ten days.

D. When a tenancy is for a certain period under verbal or written agreement, and the time expires, the tenant shall surrender possession. Notice to quit or demand of possession is not then necessary.

E. A tenant who holds possession of property against the will of the landlord, except as provided in this section, shall not be considered a tenant at sufferance or at will.

§ 33-342. Effect of lessee holding over

When a lessee holds over and retains possession after expiration of the term of the lease without express contract with the owner, the holding over shall not operate to renew the lease for the term of the former lease, but thereafter the tenancy is from month to month.

§ 33-343. Premises rendered untenantable without fault of lessee; nonliability of tenant for rent; right to quit premises

The lessee of a building which, without fault or neglect on the part of the lessee, is destroyed or so injured by the elements or any other cause as to be untenantable or unfit for occupancy, is not liable thereafter to pay rent to the lessor or owner unless expressly provided by written agreement, and the lessee may thereupon quit and surrender possession of the premises.

§ 33-361. Violation of lease by tenant; right of landlord to reenter; summary action for recovery of premises; appeal; lien for unpaid rent; enforcement

A. When a tenant neglects or refuses to pay rent when due and in arrears for five days, or when a tenant violates any provision of the lease, the landlord or person to whom the rent is due, or the agent of the landlord or person to whom the rent is due, may reenter and take possession, or, without formal demand or reentry, commence an action for recovery of possession of the premises.

B. The action shall be commenced, conducted and governed as provided for actions for forcible entry or detainer and shall be tried not less than five nor more than thirty days after its commencement. In addition to determining the right to actual possession, the court may assess damages, attorney fees and costs pursuant to section 12-1178.

C. If judgment is given for the plaintiff, the defendant, in order to perfect an appeal, shall file a bond with the court in an amount fixed and approved by the court and payable to the clerk of the superior court, conditioned that the appellant will prosecute the appeal to effect and will pay the rental value of the premises pending the appeal and all damages, attorney fees, costs and rent adjudged against the appellant.

D. If the tenant refuses or fails to pay rent owing and due, the landlord shall have a lien upon and may seize as much personal property of the tenant located on the premises and not exempted by law as is necessary to secure payment of the rent. If the rent is not paid and satisfied within sixty days after seizure as provided for in this section, the landlord may sell the seized personal property in the manner provided by section 33-1023.

E. When premises are sublet or the lease is assigned, the landlord shall have a like lien against the sublessee or assignee as the landlord has against the tenant and may enforce it in the same manner.

§ 33-362. Landlord's lien for rent

A. The landlord shall have a lien on all property of his tenant not exempt by law, placed upon or used on the leased premises, until the rent is paid. The lien shall not secure the payment of rent accruing after the death or bankruptcy of the lessee, or after an assignment for the benefit of the lessee's creditors.

B. The landlord may seize for rent any personal property of his tenant found on the premises, but the property of any other person, although found on the premises, shall not be liable therefor. If the tenant fails to allow the landlord to take possession of such property, the landlord may reduce the property to possession by an action to recover possession, and may hold or sell the property for the payment of the rent.

C. The landlord shall have a lien for rent upon crops grown or growing upon the leased premises, whether the rent is payable in money, articles of property or products of the premises, and also for the faithful performance of the terms of the lease, and the lien shall continue for a period of six months after expiration of the term of the lease.

D. When premises are sublet, or when the lease is assigned, the landlord shall have the same lien against the sublessee or assignee as he has against the tenant and may enforce the lien in like manner.


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I offer full service real estate and some alternatives to the traditional real estate service - Fee for service method.
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Save time with this bundled report containing all the information you need to qualify potential residents. You receive an Experian Credit Report plus resident history information, Social Security state of origin, and apartment address summary.